Digital Tap Sensor - V2
Works In Progress

Tap Sensor - V2 Thicker traces, better wire placement, better machine settings for copper tape. Process for copper traces transfer process. I didn't have contact paper so I used tape. I would recommend getting some contact paper. :p Soldering the wires: Assembling the pieces: Acrylic Copper traces Velostat Copper Traces...

Digital Tap Shoe Prototype V1
Works In Progress

Prototyping Process - The Shoe Prototyping Plan for the Tap Sensors: Create Matrix Sensor in the shape of a tap Test with existing code from Matrix/Processing Example Create a Processing sketch mapped to the sensor’s visual appearance to prove the sensor is showing zones of impact on the tap Define...

Digital Tap Shoe Project Goals
Works In Progress

Digital Tap Shoes Midi Controller Tap Shoes designed specifically for tap dancers. Why? Tap dancing is a rhythmic and artistic augmentation to music through dance.  This project is to expand and redefine the capabilities of Tap Dance for creating and supplementing music. What is it? A system to create multi-instrument...

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