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Hi, I'm Natasha.

I’m a designer, tech-crafter, maker, and content creator. My work typically involves mashing up crafts, electronics, cosplay, and smart home tech. I love learning by doing, then sharing what I’ve learned along the way. I create designs and content for companies in the maker education industry and also post my personal projects, DIY templates, and tutorials to this blog and YouTube.

Where did the name “TechnoChic” come from?

It's a combination of "technology", or "techno" for short, and "chic" as in “that fashion is quite chic!” It came from my childhood assertion that "technology should be chic."

My parents owned a mom-and-pop computer store when I was a kid and I was very UNINTERESTED in the beige plastic used in computer cases and the unfashionable black computer bags.

Got a good design that pairs technology with elegance and style? Sign me up!

More about me:

  • I attended the Savannah College of Art and Design (BFA, Ad Design), and Tisch School of the Arts (MPS, ITP).
  • I LOVE dogs. Love them, love them, love them - I’m a Dog Mom all the way. I have a Havanese named Wozzy, after Steve Wozniak.
  • I’m a generalist - instead of diving deep into a specific skill or process, I dream up projects and learn the skills needed to execute them.
  • You can find me riding my bike around Jersey City for exercise, transportation, and fun!
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