ITP Camp 2020
Updates & Events

ITP Camp 2020 - It's Online! I'm attending ITP Camp 2020 which is "online" due to COVID-19. I'm having mixed feelings about the online format. On a positive note, I didn't need to travel to Brooklyn every day to attend sessions, so more sessions are available to me. But - the big...

Making #MakerFaire Flair For All to Wear!
Updates & Events

There is nothing I love more than the combination of PAPER and LED's, so I'm prepping a huge batch of "Electric Embellishments" to adorn  NY Maker Fair (with TONS of flair!) Electric Embellishments are a series of DIY light-up paper flowers and bows to deck out your clothes, gift wrap or party decorations. They're...

Paper Engineering in High School
Updates & Events

In October I had the opportunity to visit the classroom of Sarah Prendergast - a teacher I met at ITP Make Education camp this summer to help her students make some awesome light-up pop-up books as a part of her math class! Sarah's done a great job incorporating STEAM skills into...

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