Digital Tap Shoe Movement Research

Digital Tap Shoe Movement Research


Defining Tap Movements

  • Toe Tap
  • Toe Scrape
  • Tip Toe
  • Heel Drop
  • Heel Dig
  • Mute 

What will I need to differentiate between these?

How will I handle the cut off?  Just like a cymbal, a tap rings out if it is left in the air after a hit. If the hit is followed by placing the tap on the floor soon after (i.e. flaps) the ring has a quick decay.

Tap Usage Test: Explanation

I inked the bottom of my shoes and performed common tap dance steps to see where my shoes were making contact with the floor. Each step provided a different usage pattern.


*Shoe was on right foot


Tap Usage Test: Take-Aways

  • I barely dance on the inside of my foot (surprising!), so this could be good spot to let cables exit the tap
  • The edges of the taps and the center closest to the ball of the foot are most important
  • Tapping with only one shoe provides alternate rhythms that are syncopated and cool, so it would be great to have the ability to mute one shoe or the other
  • Steps that sound lighter also used less area of the tap, giving me hope that mapping amount of sensors tripped to volume/amplitude could be a good interaction

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