Making a High School Maker Faire: St. Thomas Aquinas High School

Making a High School Maker Faire: St. Thomas Aquinas High School

If you're looking for a good example of a High School Maker Faire, this is it! I had the pleasure of checking out the St. Thomas Aquinas High School Maker Faire this week.

Check out this recap video:

I was super impressed. Here's why:

  • Many students chose to provide live demonstrations and clearly thought about how they would engage their audience - including how to get them interested in the first place. 

  • Students provided hands-on activities that allowed them to showcase their talents (costume making, crochet, origami, ornament making, painting) while teaching their peers about what they make. 

  • Students were well prepared to talk about their work, explain their process of developing the idea and making the project, and to teach or inspire their peers.

  • Students who did not present a project were given the challenge to be "reporters" - to bring back one story about a Makers' process or how they overcame a challenge while building. This ignited great dialog between students.  

Great job to all students and teachers! Can't wait to see what you do next!

Here are some photos from the St. Thomas Aquinas High School Maker Faire:

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