ITP Camp 2021

ITP Camp 2021

ITP Camp 2021 Online!

Here are my notes:

Light and Interactivity with Lyn and Tom


Explicit Interaction vs. Implicit Interaction - What if there was both? It would be like improv between human and machine, inspiring each other with uncertainty and conviction. 


Examples / Inspiration:

The Social Dilemma

A movie about the social media business and how it makes money by abusing your phycological vulnerabilities. 

Discussion notes:


Technology is....

  • The most recent way to solve a problem
  • Anything artificial with a practical purpose
  • The outsourcing of Labor
  • An extension of man

Ethics is...

  •  How to operate humanely
  • bigger than personal morals

Data Gathering Fun with Tom

Arduino Nano WiFiNINA looks for 2.4 Networks. It has a real time clock. Library = RTCZero

Do Robots Need Clothes? Yes, yes they do. 

In Kari and Natalie's class we thought about adding appropriate clothing to robots:

- Protection (literally like clothes, to protect from the elements: heat, water, etc. 

- Signaling (Identity, Role, Affordances, System Status)

- Adaptability (To environment (ex: shoes for outside))

Interesting robots

- Pepper

- Blossom


- Sophia (the creepy humanoid one)

My robot sketch is for the Amazon Echo Show. I plan to add this robot to my kitchen someday to help me organize and read my recipes. I thought about the conditions it will be working in (my extremely messy style of cooking/baking, and the very public location of the kitchen.) The clothes I sketched solved two problems: First, I drew a rain coat to protect the robot from splashes while still allowing the screen to be seen and interacted with. Second, I drew a knitted turtleneck that can be zipped up all the way - even over the built in camera. This way, the robot can be stylishly "blind" to accidentally sharing a video feed of my private residence should it get hacked. 

E-Textile Toolkits: An Overview

Kate went over many of the E-Textile toolkits. Here are some stand outs:


How the eyes see color:

Cones and Rods in back of eye - Rods perceive light and dark, Cones perceive Color (Red, blue and green)

History of Lighting

Sun --> Fire --> Oil Lamps --> Incandescent light with electricity (Edison style bulb, illuminating filament) --> LED technology (First Red, then other colors were discovered)

Fast LED Library

Getting to Know Spectrometers

Sensors react to light non-visually. The eye has some cells that sense both visual and non-visual frequencies of light. We use this to use light to sense time. 

Thoughts on light as a whole. Humans created artificial light by burning stuff (fire!). Warmer colors come from fire. Then gas burned and light was cooler in color temperature. Now LEDs let us create all colors of artificial light. 

That switch to lighting the world with a wide variety of spectra lets us design for light that might work better for us, or is it confusing pollution that we haven't evolved to handle?

Spectrometers Notes:

integration time = how long the sensor needs to take a reading. 

Serial Studio V1.0.20- Serial monitor program for looking at color data

For the frequencies that we only react to non-visually, do we have lights that can produce them for us?

Book: Light Sources; Basics of Lighting Technologies

Light meters read in "lux" - one lux is a calibration

Color Temp 

Double Dynamic Daylight

Tech Couture: Details Revealed

Cool Song!

Hong Kong Seam Another Hong Kong Seam

The dress should look great even when all the electronics are off.

Everything is modular

3D printing on fabric

Neopixels with one in and two outs in triangular form. Seeed Studios makes them

First is pixel 0, then anything connected next is 1 and so on and so forth

Pattern Magic Books - 3D Fashion Wearables

Added accelerometers for a dancer

Conductive Melody - The magenta project - machine learning for artists - musical component - piano jeanie - performance dress

Fusible conductive pads (copper fabric with a fusible backing)

They used to use LiPo batteries with 3D printed holders for them. 

Make Fashion - in Calgary

Foldable design, materials & technics: an insight and practical exercise

Garments that express a hug in digital form

Uranus [2021] paper foldable engineering dress ->

Disney theory flour sac position related to emotions

Merel Noorlander

Amsterdam show: Where are we in society to talk about sexual subjects? People felt uncomfortable, some started laughing, some felt playful. 

Giant "paper" sculptures but made of giant PET sheets

Origami Simulator

Fosshape is the unique non-woven, heat-activated fabric.

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