Circuit Sentiments Birthday Card Kit
Updates & Events

CIRCUIT SENTIMENTS ARE FUN PAPER CRAFT PROJECTS DESIGNED TO SPARK INTEREST IN ELECTRONICS AND PAPER ENGINEERING. After successfully funding and delivering my first Kickstarter campaign, I've returned to bring Circuit Sentiments to an even greater audience - anyone with a birthday! Together, we can make the coolest birthday card you've...

The Wallet Capo
Updates & Events

We got our Wallet Capo from Kickstarter This is a great idea - a capo that folds down flat to fit in your wallet, or nicely into the pocket of any bag. I love supporting Kickstarter campaigns, and I'm happy that the product is now available here:

Paper Engineering in High School
Updates & Events

In October I had the opportunity to visit the classroom of Sarah Prendergast - a teacher I met at ITP Make Education camp this summer to help her students make some awesome light-up pop-up books as a part of her math class! Sarah's done a great job incorporating STEAM skills into...

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