Simple LED Controller: What To Buy (02)

Simple LED Controller: What To Buy (02)

What do you need to create a custom LED controller?

Welcome back! Natasha here. :)

This is the second of 10 blog posts featuring each video in my series on animating LEDs with micro:bit and Make Code. If you've just stumbled upon this post, start from the beginning here.

In this video, I'll explore the components that you'll need to create and code the example light-up bike helmet project. 

I'll talk about the programmable LEDs called NeoPixels, a small computer to control them called a micro:bit, the best battery to run it on called a LiPo battery, and materials to connect the project together. After watching this video, you'll know exactly what to buy to follow along with the series and build your own LED bike helmet with custom animations!

Watch it now:

(And shop the links below)

PROJECT SUPPLIES: (some links earn commissions) 

Neopixel LED Strip with Alligator Clip Connector: 

micro:bit Controller: 

LiPo Batteries for micro:bit: **Double check polarity before buying! (get 500 mAh or more)**

LiPo Battery Charger

micro:bit Cases: double check version before buying! 

Other Accessories: 

What have you found?

Having trouble finding a part? Have you found a good deal on something great?

Comment below or join the Discord channel to share your needs and finds. See you there!

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