Creative LEDs: Welcome to the Series! (01)

Creative LEDs: Welcome to the Series! (01)


Hi! I'm Natasha. I'm glad you're here!

This is the first of 10 blog posts featuring my video series about animating LEDs with micro:bit and Make Code. I created these tutorials for artists and creatives who want to add lights to their designs --- but have never tinkered with electronics before. So, if you're a beginner (or know a beginner who needs to hear this) you're in the right place!

In this series, I'll show you how to make a simple LED project that displays custom animations you design yourself. I'll use a light-up bike helmet as the example project, and you can build along with me or apply the skills you learn to your own project. 

The first video (linked at the end of this post) will help you familiarize yourself with what's to come. Then, in the next two videos, I'll talk about the materials and supplies needed to make the LED Bike Helmet project and share some alternatives that can be used for other designs too. And, once you have your supplies in hand, I'll show you the proper connections between the components to prepare for downloading code. 

Next, we'll create NeoPixel LED code for the micro:bit with a free website called MakeCode. This block coding language is easy to start with but is also powerful enough to create complex animations so you can keep exploring what it can do as you learn more. I'll show you how to animate the LED pixels, organize your animations, make them interactive, and even sync with other micro:bits via radio. 

...And by then I bet you'll want to add NeoPixels to everything! 

So--- I've included a video about exploring the many form factors that NeoPixel LEDs come in -- that I hope will inspire your next project. I'll also share ways to plan durability into your project so that it can withstand the elements. Finally, I've created a video about the journey of creating my NeoPixel-covered bike and the decisions I made that led me to a successful build and the creation of this tutorial series. 


Please -- join in and support this community by joining the Discord channelsupporting the YouTube channel with membership, and sharing this series with anyone who might enjoy creating with LEDs! 

Thank you! 

❤️ Natasha 

Start Watching here:

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