Social Distancing Musical Mother's Day Card

Social Distancing Musical Mother's Day Card

Giving a Dance Party as a gift

A social distancing Mothers Day present was tough to figure out - it’s been hard for my mom and what she really needed was a hug, which I couldn’t give her. So, I started to think of other ways that we connect.

My mom was my dance teacher growing up and one thing we have always been able to do is dance together. You may think that we do some awesome choreography —-but you would be wrong. 

At weddings and other family events, we typically take over the dance floor and make up really silly dances —like the sillier the better —and we copy each other enthusiastically as if we had rehearsed the whole thing. This embarrass our boyfriends and family extremely, and makes us infinitely happy. It’s my favorite thing to do with my mom.

So I made her this musical Mother’s Day Card that kicked off a “Social Distancing Dance Party” and we went straight into dancing 6 feet away - right in the kitchen. The embarrassed boyfriends remained the same. :) I think she liked it. Love you Mom!

How I made it:

I designed the card in Adobe Illustrator and used my Cricut Maker to Cut out al the shapes. 

I used a recordable greeting card circuit from bigDAWGSgreetings on Etsy and recorded my voiceover with the song playing on my computer in a quiet room using the included microphone. 

The song was “Staying Inside” - a parody on YouTube by Brent McCollough

I made it to fit inside a standard A7 envelope. :)

Process Photos:

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