"Whack-A-Virus" DIY Cardboard Whack-A-Mole style Game

"Whack-A-Virus" DIY Cardboard Whack-A-Mole style Game

I bring you the "Whack-A-Virus!" 

As a maker, I know the best way to calm my nerves surrounding the Coronavirus is to focus my energy on doing something creative! I'm a freelance educator and with all my work canceled this week, I decided to make something that would inject a bit of humor into this pandemic and be something that others could make as well.

This Whack-A-Mole inspired game arms you with a bottle of Purell to whack the heck out of the Coronavirus! It's fun to play and a great stress reliever too. I also found a certain therapeutic property to anthropomorphizing the virus as a cute pompom. It makes the whole thing less scary, but I'm still glad I have my trusty Purell to make sure he's pushed out of sight! 

This project can be made with materials that many people already have in their house - especially that empty bottle of Purell these days (ammmiright?). And, if you don't have everything, I've listed some alternatives that could work just as well. I've made the complete pattern available for download so that you can print it, and I've also included the measurements for all the pieces so that you can make it even if you don't have a printer. And for those who are lucky enough to have an electronic cutting machine like a Cricut or Silhouette Cameo, I've included .SVG files for all the pieces to that you can cut them easily and precisely! (Available to download at the link below)

I hope you will make this project and customize it to your own unique style! Please share your creations with me and also let me know what you would like to see next!

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