Light-Up Robot Card DIY

Light-Up Robot Card DIY

It's an adorable robot that needs your help to feel love.

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Here's how to make the light-up robot heart card:

1) Color the robot graphic with colored pencils, markers, or any coloring supply you choose. 

What is the robot saying??? Write it inside the speech bubble!

2) Cut out the colored robot graphic and circuit template along the rectangular border.

3) Use a craft knife to cut along the four rounded edges. *Use a cutting mat and ask for help from an adult if you need it. 

5) Cover the black lines with Maker Tape:

a) Cover the line on the left first, leaving a small loop at the top as shown in the drawing. This will make it so that the adhesive is facing up under the battery. 

b) Cover the line at the bottom with a separate piece of Maker Tape. Notice that this line doesn't touch the other two. (The gaps are where we will place the LED and the switch.)

c) Place the battery on top of the loop of Maker Tape inside the circle with the positive (+) side up. Secure it to the paper by placing another piece of Maker Tape over the battery, and continuing to cover the rest of the black line.

6) On the back of the colored graphic, place a piece of Maker Tape across the robot's hand as shown: (Holding it up to a light makes it easier to see!)

7) Place a circuit sticker across the gap in the Maker Tape on the left, aligning the "+" and "-" sides. Check that the LED is connected by bridging the gap with the piece of maker tape that you placed in the last step. You should see it light up! 

--> If not, double check the battery connection, the polarity of the LED (that the + and - are correct) and that the maker tape was in fact bridging the gap between the two pieces of Maker Tape on the right).

8) Fold the card in half with the circuit on the outside. Place the graphic over the circuit by slipping the four corners through the slits in the paper. Test the alignment: be sure that holding the robot's hand lights up his heart! 

Optional: If you used thick paper to print the template, you may want to cut a small hole in the robot's heart where the LED is to make it shine brighter. To find out where to place the hole, press down on the paper on top of the LED to make an imprint, then cut out the area of paper that was imprinted. Now you have a bright light!

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