Easy Fake Prop Cake From Cardboard & Soda Cans

Easy Fake Prop Cake From Cardboard & Soda Cans

Make A Fake Cake with cardboard and soda cans.

When I needed a cake for a photoshoot I looked into buying one, but that was very expensive. Then, I thought of buying some styrofoam cake blanks and decorating them, but I found that cake blanks are also very expensive. Finally, I looked at my recycling bin - and voila! Everything I needed was there. Jackpot. 

Here's how I made my prop cake out of cardboard, paper, and 3 empty soda cans. I also bought a jar of pre-made icing and iced the cake to make it look real. It could look nice to leave the paper bare add some paper quilling or other paper decorations too!

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