About TechnoChic

TechnoChic is on a mission to invite crafters into the awesome world of DIY tech.

As kids, we learned that there is a divide- are you “technical” or “creative”? We drew lines connecting boys to tech and girls to creativity - and that shows in our career choices today. It’s time to shatter these conventions. If we keep thinking of activities as being “for girls” and “for boys” we will miss out on many people finding their true calling!

TechnoChic Tech-Craft Kits provide resources, inspiration and supplies for crafters to explore technology and techies to explore craft. Each tech-craft kit makes a project that is easy to learn and fun to share! TechnoChic Circuit Sentiments are light-up pop-up greeting card kits that combine engineering, electronics and design into a fun-to-build project that makers are proud to make and give. TechnoChic Flashy Flowers and Bliny Bow Ties combine electronics, design, and fashion for a quick and fun project to design, make and wear. TechnoChic also supplies hand-picked tech-craft supplies that are high-quality and make it easy for crafters to incorporate electronics into their crafty creations.

TechnoChic kits are most popular with smart, crafty girls age 8 - 12, but we’re proud that our customers include the greater arts & crafts market - including all ages and genders. 

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About Natasha

Natasha is using her passion for arts and crafts and DIY tech to transform the way the world understands and creates with technology. She holds a BFA in Advertising Design from SCAD and a MPS in Interactive Telecommunications from NYU, and has spent her professional career in education and design positions, including teaching Final Cut Pro in the SoHo Apple Store, and designing products for companies like Creator Box and LittleBits. Natasha is an experienced workshop facilitator and teacher, and loves to share her passion with students, crafters, and companies. She’s always looking to collaborate and share tech-craft projects with other makers! 

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