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TechnoChic was born on Etsy in 2009, where I sold handmade jewelry and accessories made from (and for) electronics. Over my years of making, I became more and more involved in the Maker Movement and saw the gender imbalance.  As a 'girly girl,' I got my start making through arts and crafts, and it took awhile for me to go 'against the grain' to pursue my technology interests. Today, TechnoChic is all about inviting crafters to combine creative and technical skills proudly - and with confidence. 

I do this through creating kits, teaching workshops, making tutorials, and building example tech-craft projects for this blog and other companies too. 

My TechnoChic Tech-Craft Kits and downloads provide resources, inspiration and everything you need to build an awesome tech-craft project. I also sell hand-picked supplies to make it easy for crafters to incorporate electronics into their crafty creations.

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About Me

I was a crafty kid in a computer store - and not much has changed. 

My parent's owned a small computer repair shop when I was a kid - I remember sitting in the back making friendship bracelets, watching the repair man solder new parts onto computers. 

And that's pretty much me today - I'm the artsy-fartsy creative one surrounded by technology and techie people. I value using both sides of my brain, and I'd say that being the bridge between artists and techies is as challenging as it is rewarding. 

I've lived in Jersey City for about 10 years. We are a small city just outside of NYC with diverse, talented and passionate residents. I love featuring our city and trying to put us on the map. Hopefully someday we will have our own MakerSpace too! 

I'm always looking for work, collaborations, ideas, and friends, both online and off! Please reach out if you want to connect. I'd love to hear from you. 

More about me: 

Where I Studied:

Savannah College of Art and Design  

B.F.A. Advertising Design,  Graphic Design

A Fine Arts Foundation, Tons of Adobe Software & Musical Theatre / Dance for Fun

New York University - ITP      

M.P.S. Interactive Telecommunications Program 

Physical Computing, Internet of Things, Product Design & Tons of Blogging - Read My Blog Here!

My work: 

I've created content, presented talks, and taught workshops for many companies and events:

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