Light-Up Snowflake Pop-Up Card Instructions

Light-Up Snowflake Pop-Up Card Instructions

Make this elegant snowflake pop-up card light up

If you haven't already:


Required Supplies:

Included in Kit (*needed to make template):

  • Cardstock (Baby Blue, White)
  • White Straw Hat LED
  • Maker Tape
  • Binder Clip
  • CR2032 Coin Cell Battery
  • Printer to print template

Optional Supplies:




Take out this piece:

Line up the first piece of copper tape with the small edge as shown

Mark a length just before the score, making the mark with your fingernail or a pencil

Cut to size

Peel back the white backing of the copper tape about 1/2 inch

Align the tape just under the tiny edge, making sure it doesn't go over

Remove the backing slowly while pressing the copper tape down, band-aid style

Turn the shape over

Measure a piece the same way on the other side

Press into place

Fold back and forth on each vertical score line to make it easier to fold

Take out a piece of scrap paper

Apply glue to the end piece that looks like a half snowflake; stop at the score line

Fold the shape - match the glued part to the snowflake in the center

Push the left edge of the paper so that it folds into a box

It should look like a box from the bottom

Apply glue to the outer half of the shield-like part

Fold it over to align the glued half with the matching half shield

The front should look like this

A correctly folded snowflake support should be able to flatten to the right…

And left...

...and fold flat at the center

Take out the front of the card

Apply glue to the entire back of the shield-like shape as shown

Notice the half-shield guide line on the back of the card

Allow the snowflake shape to flatten to the left to see the guide line easily

Glue the shape in place, aligning it with the guide line

Make sure the top of the shape is at the center fold of the card

 Pop the shape up - be sure the entire bottom is secured to the card

 Close the card, and press down on the area that was just glued

 Open the card; check to be sure the structure is completely adhered and centered


The first part of the circuit instructions include diagrams with explanations and tips, the second part is a step-by-step building guide with photography.

A Simple Circuit: Battery, Switch, LED

  • The battery will be placed on the top right corner. The positive side touches the copper tape on the right.
  • The switch is a break in the copper tape and a patch to bridge the gap when the paper is squeezed.
  • The LED is placed on the vertical structure inside the snowflake with the positive side (the longer wire on the LED) on the right. Electricity travels through the LED to the other side of the paper where more copper tape continues around to the negative side of the battery.

Start the circuit at the small horizontal guide line on the right side

Remove a 1/2 inch piece of the tape's backing

Position that end just above the guide line

Slowly press the tape into place while peeling off the packing, band-aid style

Add another piece of copper tape starting just below the guide line as shown

Be sure this piece doesn't touch the first one

Add a piece of copper tape parallel to the snowflake structure, as shown

Hold the LED with the longer wire (the positive side) on the right

Place the LED over the center paper structure so that the longer wire is on the right side and the short wire is on the left

It should rest on the flat edge, with the wires on top of the copper tape pieces from the first step

 Press the snowflake structure flat- the LED wire and copper tape should be sticking out


Connect that wire to the circuit with 3 pieces of copper tape

 Reinforce with clear tape

Press the structure flat on the right side


Apply a piece of copper tape vertically as shown


Just like the first side, connect the wire to the vertical piece with three pieces of copper tape


Reinforce with clear tape


Cut two 1 inch pieces of tape

Place one parallel to the battery flap, as shown

Place the other on the switch flap, as shown


Connect the two pieces, as shown


Add an additional piece of copper tape to reinforce the piece that goes over the card's crease

Reinforce with clear tape as well- We want that circuit to stay connected!

On the switch flap, fold the tiny flaps up and down

Fold both right side flaps over


Place the battery on top of the flap with the "+" side up


Fold the top flap down and secure with the binder clip


It's time! Test -- That -- Circuit! (press the switch)

Didn’t light up?

  • Make sure the electricity has an uninterrupted path from the positive side of the battery to the negative when the switch is closed. 
  • Make sure the switch makes a good “bridge” between the gap in the copper tape ( try bridging the gap with a scrap piece of copper tape). 
  • Check that the LED has a good connection to the copper tape, and be sure that the tape is not going over the paper to connect to the other side, creating a short circuit
  • Be sure the battery is installed with the “+” facing up – if the circuit works with the negative side facing up, the LED is in the wrong way and needs to be installed with the long wire on the right. 

- Almost there! Card Assembly -

Open the blue card


Fold down the two shapes as shown

Close the card

Put down a scrap piece of paper

Apply glue to the perimeter of the card, including on top of the switch


Align the blue paper around the snowflake structure


Guide the paper around while moving the snowflake structure to the right

The blue paper should connect at the top in the very center of the card

Turn the card over

Before the glue sets, make sure the border is even and reposition if needed

Remove any unwanted adhesive

Turn the card back over

Apply glue to the two flaps as shown


Glue the flaps flat under the snowflake structure


Apply glue to the inner part of the snowflake


Place the blue transparent paper on top of the glued area


Turn the snowflake over, remove any adhesive from the front


Fold the snowflake in half along the score lines


Apply glue to the edges of the snowflake structure, as shown


Place the snowflake on top, aligning the center folds


Locate the switch - press it!


Apply glue to the small snowflake


Place the small snowflake over the switch


Apply glue to the tips of the diamond shaped piece, stopping at the score lines


Fold the diamond in half with the adhesive on the inside


Place it over the top of the snowflake structure, covering the visible copper tape


The card is complete!


After waiting for all the glue to dry, insert the card into it's envelope


Give someone some good cheer!

I hope you had fun creating your card!

Happy Holidays everyone! 

<3 Natasha

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