The Knitting Destruction Machine

The Knitting Destruction Machine

Bye Bye 2020!

Burn 2020

Myself and 6 other makers couldn't be happier to say bye bye to 2020. Through this international and physically distant collaboration, we used the internet to trigger the destruction of six small parts of 2020. 

-> More on our mini-projects on Hackaday!

Makers / Projects:

  • 8 Bits and a Byte - An Internet Controlled 2020 Smusher
  • Hannah Makes' - Grilled Paneer
  • Natasha / TechnoChic - Knitting Destruction Machine (more below!)
  • Make It And Fake It - Tomato Chopping Robot Arm
  • Becky Stern - Candle with 3D Printed Mold and Metal Ornament Reveal

View the full playlist on YouTube, here.

The Knitting Destruction Machine:

How I made it:

The Mask

First, I needed some knitting to unravel, so I knitted a face mask out of yarn by repeating the center stitches more times than the ones on the outside. Here's a quick explanation:

Then, I drew “2020” on it with a permanent marker. 

The Knitting Destruction Machine

I built my knitting destruction machine out of cardboard, a large button, a toy motor, and a USB power supply.

The motor was connected to a rubber band belt that spun an empty wooden spool glued to a wooden dowel. I added “Bye 2020!” to the button with a permanent marker, then tied the end of the yarn to the spool and pressed the button to unravel the knitted mask. Underneath the mask revealed another silver sequin mask with “2021” written in shimmery vinyl text, a reminder that we’ll still have to rock masks in 2021! 

Materials used in this project: 

Cardboard (2 sheets) Amazon - 
Big Button (1 button) Adafruit - 
Toy Motor w/ Gears Pack (Motor, drive head, rubber band) Amazon - 
Wooden Spool (1 spool) Amazon - 
Wooden Dowel (1 dowel) Amazon - 
Wire - (4 pieces) Amazon - 
Solder (just a bit!) Amazon - 
Alligator Clips - Adafruit - 
USB Cable - Amazon - 
Face Masks: Craft Yarn (1 skein) - JoAnn Fabrics 
Knitting Needles (1 set) Amazon -  
Permanent Marker (blue) Amazon - 
Sewing Pins (20 or so) Amazon - 
Sequin Face Mask (1 mask) Adafruit - 
Purple Holographic Glitter Vinyl -

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