Hi DIY Day Ambassadors! Happy DIY Day!

I’m Natasha, and this is my brand, TechnoChic.


My mission is to fill the gap between the worlds of DIY crafts and DIY electronics. For too long, creators have identified with a certain type of skill set — either hard skills like soldering and robotics or soft skills like knitting and sewing. These two groups rarely crossed, and that same line has often been drawn between genders. TechnoChic shatters these conventions by providing a resource for crafters to explore technology, and techies to explore craft.

The most important goal for TechnoChic is to make DIY electronics a crafting staple (it’s just as easy as learning to sew or paint!) Each DIY tech-craft kit is fun to build and educational – but most of all, it’s just plain cool. Attractive designs with detailed instructions explain every step of assembling a real electronic circuit, so creators feel successful right from the start. TechnoChic kits inspire the curiosity and confidence to explore what can be created with a basic knowledge of electricity.


This is the future of DIY.


Bloggers – I need your help!

My light-up paper bow ties are brand new – so new that they haven’t been produced yet! I’m running a Kickstarter campaign to put them into production. I need your help to spread the word. The campaign won’t be funded and the bow-ties won’t be made without the support of many enthusiastic crafters. Will you please share the campaign with your followers, and encourage them to back the campaign to make the product a reality?

Please link to the campaign using this URL:

Product Features:

  • Easy enough for kids!
  • Fun for crafters of all ages
  • Party Craft, Party Wear & Party Favor in one!
  • Combining tech + craft gets kids into STEAM
  • Great for cupcake toppers, hair bows & more
  • Trendy shiny-foil accents
  • Learn tech-craft skills to use in other projects!



Here are some videos I put together to help you make awesome projects with your Ambassador kits I sent you. I hope you have a blast putting your projects together! Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions at


DIY Day Sample Kit Contents & What you can do!

Inserting the Battery into the pre-built Bow-Tie and Flower Pin

How to Fold & light up the Paper Bow Tie!

How to build and light up the paper flower pin!

How to use the paper straws!

How to make a bracelet / hair accessory

Make a light-up headband!