Halloween Costume Work In Progress: Lady Gaga LED Mask from the 2020 VMAs

Halloween Costume Work In Progress: Lady Gaga LED Mask from the 2020 VMAs

Lady Gaga LED Mask Pinterest Board

I'm thinking of going as Lady Gaga from this year's VMA's for halloween. It's a perfect costume because I'll need to be wearing a mask anyway!

I started by collecting all the images that I could find on the Pinterest board above so that I can gather as many angles as possible. 

Displays to consider

First, I'm looking into the display of LEDs. Looking close up, you can see that it is an LED matrix with 9 sections of LEDs arranged 8 x 8. It looks like they may have used something similar (or exactly) this matrix from Adafruit:

The only trouble with this is that each matrix is $25 and I would need 9 of them- so $225 just for the LEDs! That is a bit too much. 

Then, I learned about this circular display from a recommendation on the Adafruit Discord. It's the right size and I could potentially fake the look of the LED Matrix with a processing sketch and a raspberry pi zero. 

The display looks like it could be a real winner, but I don't think of Raspberry Pi when I think wearables - especially something on my face. How will I power it?

I could also go for an LED matrix with less pixel density and not break the bank by using this 8 x 8 NeoPixel matrix. It isn't the same amount of pixels from Gaga's mask, but it's significantly cheaper and certainly reminiscent enough of the real thing to pass as a costume piece. It's pictured with the inside circle from a 3-inch embroidery hoop. 

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