Fun @ Maker Faire NYC

This weekend I was had a blast at Maker Faire with CreatorBox – one of my freelance clients. They make toys for kids to build themselves — sparking experimentation and learning.

It’s one thing to make something knowing it will someday get sent to a customer who will hopefully enjoy it. It’s a totally different thing to see kids play with the toy in person and get in on the fun myself! Maker Faire was just that – we had a blast shooting ping pong balls with a catapult – and launching paper airplanes with our motorized airplane launcher (sometimes over the wall into the other booth- sorry guys!)

Our high flying planes even won a red ribbon. It gave me and my fellow designers Natalie an Talya something to feel great about. :)

#creatorbox #catapult at makerfaire made at #Fabberz #madeinmidtown #nyc #lasercut

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