Zubits make my life easier, therefore I love them

Zubits are magnetic closures for your shoes. They work great, are comfortable, and make taking your shoes on and off effortless. Seriously. Best thing ever.

My shoelaces come untied all the time. Do yours? It seems like such a silly problem – humans go to space, but humans can’t keep a bow tied on their own foot. So when I saw this campaign on Kickstarter, I knew there was hope.

I love a new product that makes a tedious task effortless. If you’re like me, Zubits will instantly be the thing you never knew you needed but now can’t live without. Here’s how they work:

Lace the Zubits pieces into the shoe’s existing laces.


Place your fingers between the laces on the outside of each piece. (The rounded edges not only look great but feel great as a place for each finger to rest while fastening – great design!)


The Zubits then snap together providing a secure, comfortable, tied-up fit.


They suggest that you cut off the excess laces, but I left mine on in case I’d like to use the laces again, and I think they look fine. :)


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