Wallet Capo works great – even on Ukulele!

Wallet Capo

How wonderful to have received my Wallet Capo in the mail!

This Kickstarter campaign is just so smart: guitar capos are a really weird shape and don’t “stow well.” So these guys (from New Jersey! Wasssup!) made a flat, portable version with their 3D printer. It’s simple, elegant, and it works great.

My boyfriend plays the Ukulele and I’ve been trying my hand at it as well. When I backed the campaign, I didn’t know if it would work for a Ukulele too. As you can see, it does! What a versatile little tool.

I really hope these guys keep going with this project – its the perfect example of a simple thing that can make a big difference. Thanks for making it! Keep going!
IMG_6275(The wallet capo’s tiny size means it can also be stored anywhere. Mine has a home outside the wallet on the Ukulele’s pineapple wall mount, but it’s tiny size makes it fit anywhere – the hole for your finger also doubles as a place to hang it up if you wish.)

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