At the store and ready to see some fancy Apple Watches!

Hands on with the Apple watch

A 2:55 am alarm rang early Friday morning prompting me to hit the “BUY NOW” button for an Apple watch. I quickly chose the 38mm Silver Aluminum Case with white sport band before any crazy ideas of breaking the bank set in. Saturday I stopped in the store to see if forcing myself to choose the cheapest – sight unseen – would serve me right.

First Impressions: The look of Apple Watch


“Oh my so small!” I thought as I saw the 38 mm model on the table… followed by a moment of worry that I had ordered the wrong size. But alas, it fits perfect- any bigger and it would swallow my wrist! (funny what large computer screens will do to your perception of size!)

The Sport


Drawn in by the sexy images on Apple’s website, I felt the sport watches would serve my style nicely. But in real life, the sport line feels and looks very cheep. Think of it this way:


Apple watch sport is to the Apple watch as the iPhone 5c is to the iPhone 6.


If you hold an iPhone 5c and an iPhone 6 in each hand, it’s clear that the 5c lacks the quality and perfection that the 6 was granted. And like the phones, there is nothing wrong with the Apple watch sport line, it just lacks the visceral desire of its more expensive counterparts.

Better in Black

The exception to the cheeper feel is the black Apple watch sport. It stood out from the group as a more purposeful design – the dark watch face complimented the dark aluminum body, and the black band kept the simple aesthetic shared by both fashion and apple design. After seeing it in person, I had a strict regret about not ordering this one – especially being the same price as the rest of the line.

Mystery Solved: Why Apple Watches come with only some band combinations.

The Answer: All Apple Watch bands have metal in the clasp. Each band is sold with the watch face(s) that matches that metallic color.

Here, we tried the Soft Pink Modern Buckle on the Silver Aluminum Sport.
Does it fit? YES. Does it look right? NOT SO MUCH.


A Perfect Fit: The feel of Apple Watch bands

Changing the bands dramatically changed the feel of the watch:

Sport Band:
PROS:Comfortable, as you would expect a sport watch to be. The fluoroelastomer (say it again – fluoroelastomer) band is as soft as “soft touch” phone cases but has an elasticity all the way through – this time, it felt as good as the sexy commercial.

CONS: I have very small wrists, and this band was bulky with it’s “tucked in” design. It also made the watch sit on my wrist with room to spare in the spot where the watch face met the band, not flush on my skin. I would assume someone with a larger wrist would have better luck, but the fit was less tight than I had hoped.

Modern Buckle:
PROS: This band’s attachment to the watch is as elegant as its magnetic metal buckle on the back. The buckle comes apart in two pieces, then fits together with a magnetic snap (no threading ends in.) Adjusting the band happens inside this buckle, allowing a metal peg to grip one of the tiny leather holes in the leather, giving it a seamless, custom look when closed.

CONS: In some sizes, one of the tiny adjustment holes is visible in the back of the band, compromising its clean look. The Soft Pink was too nude colored for my skin type – you could barely see it on someone with my complexion.

Leather Loop:
PROS: The loop is completely adjustable to any size – helpful if you are someone who likes the watch tight for running but relaxed for everyday. The leather covers the entire wrist, so its very comfortable for typing.

CONS: They didn’t make one for the 38mm size!

Milanese Loop:
PROS: Absolutely elegant, comfortable, and the true winner of the bands! Like the leather loop, it is infinitely adjustable, but its chain links make it extra flexible and breathable as well. The flexibility is what makes it the winner – it sits directly on the skin for a secure, comfortable fit.

CONS: Being metal, it may scratch your computer if you type on a laptop. (Maybe… probably… either way it’s a great choice!)

I’m so fancy… I already know! Apple Watch Edition


After watching the gold iPhone’s demand skyrocket with the launch of the 5s, I knew I had try on the $17,000 Rose Gold Apple Watch Edition, if not only to exclaim – gold is best! Best! Best! Best!

Like this guy…

Of course, the truth is that this watch is no different from the others, and is only worth $17,000 because it costs $17,000. Like how my dog only values a certain toy when another dog has it and he doesn’t. As for the quality, if it cost $1000 it would sell less than it’s silver counterparts – what really goes with rose gold anyway?

But there is a little bit of cool factor…

The case is a charger. And that’s pretty sweet. But if I had $17,000 I’d pay a designer to make me a kick-ass charging stand to match my decor.

(Hint: (rich people!) I have a sketch book full of designs…)


It’s coming round the bend and it’s gonna be awesome.

Edition and sport’s alike, we’re all here buying the first run Apple watch for the same reason – to feel this wave as it begins. This watch is clunky, ugly, big, bulky and uncomfortable… but it’s first. And it’s new. And that’s what’s sexy. The first generation iPad suffered the same unsexy curse – and now years later has finally lived up to it’s proper form factor. So now begins this new journey of desire for the product to look and feel great – and I can’t wait!

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