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Apple Watch: First Impressions, Confusions

The Unboxing Was So Classy

The doorbell rang. The UPS guy said “You must have been waiting for this!” I asked how many he delivered today — Twenty. Just one UPS guy delivered twenty Apple Watches today. Wow.

Even the shipping box was equipped with a pull tab opening – ready for effortless access. The box was wide – totally surprising as I had been envisioning the watches shipping in a giant cube like the original iPod packaging – this is better.

The watch comes in a well-made plastic case in even more carefully wrapped, purposeful material. My favorite detail was the wrapper for the magnetic charger- a small pull tab starts the removal of the plastic on all three edges of the disk, ensuring one slick motion to de-package it.

This is the moment when packaging design and experience design go hand in hand – and it is so worth it. Congrats to Apple for this win.

The First Hour


I had the Apple Watch app already installed on my iPhone, but whatever magic was supposed to happen by “Aligning it with the viewfinder” just didn’t work. The manual entry worked fine and was simple enough.


The Interface

Swipe, Swipe, Swipe, Swipe, All I could think of to do was swipe. My initial experience felt unfamiliar, confusing and uncomfortable. I didn’t know what the digital crown was doing, I instinctively wanted the side button to act as a home button, I couldn’t even figure out how to change the watch face. But why all the confusion?

The paper that came in the packaging directs you to the Apple Watch App first. Then there is no further instructions on the App. I suspect they intended this piece of paper to remain a part of the setup process, and trusted that it would be read. But the instructions direct you away from it. The paper is also folded in a way that hardly reveals that it is two sided, hiding the valuable information I needed.

The result? (This is embarrassing) I played with the watch for three hours unable to change the watch face! I checked over and over in Settings > General > and expected to see “Face”, but nothing!

Desperate measures called me back to the packaging to inspect that paper packaged with the watch. On it, in tiny 8pt font are the words “Firmly press the display to choose or customize a watch face.” Well, that’s the answer to “How the hell do I change the watch face on the Apple Watch!”

IMG_6242 - Version 2

It was worth it. Loading the animated flowers was my first “Wow” moment with this watch. The frustration was redeemed by an experience that was truly breathtaking.

Up & Running

As a customer I expect a learning curve, but it’s the feeling of missing something that takes away the magic until you figure it out. Finally in the know, I’m feeling more confident.

My Favorite Finds from a few hours with Apple Watch:

1. You can set your clock ahead purposefully,
to help you stay on time (that one’s for you, Mom!)



2. This visualization of Time VS Weather is amazing.
This is the definition of useful design – I’ll be out till 1pm – look at the corresponding temperature and decide on the appropriate coat. Total WIN!



3. I’ll be getting notified when I make a sale / get a favorite with Etsy for Apple Watch!



4. It’s Wozzy Approved!
(I let him choose the music for the afternoon)


Here’s to my first Friday night on the town with Apple Watch! Here I go!

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  • Cathy Forbes says:

    Yeah, the packaging was beautiful! I’m still figuring out how to tell if it’s fully charged. So far so good.

    • Natasha says:

      Me too! I haven’t figured out how to check the battery, but I did get a notification that 10% battery remained. (I”d hate to just google it- it’s like a scavenger hunt- I will find it eventually!) How are you doing with the interface?

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