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Electric Embellishments rock the #EtsyCraftParty

When designing a kit others will make, it’s easy to get lost in the details. You build the kit yourself over and over, tweaking prototypes and correcting and working and working and working…. until building it yourself doesn’t feel special anymore. It’s still fun, but not special. Having the opportunity to share my craft kits…

CircuitSentiments_Birthday_Sketches (2)
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Circuit Sentiments Birthday Card Kit

CIRCUIT SENTIMENTS ARE FUN PAPER CRAFT PROJECTS DESIGNED TO SPARK INTEREST IN ELECTRONICS AND PAPER ENGINEERING. After successfully funding and delivering my first Kickstarter campaign, I’ve returned to bring Circuit Sentiments to an even greater audience – anyone with a birthday! Together, we can make the coolest birthday card you’ve ever made, and you’ve ever…

At the store and ready to see some fancy Apple Watches!
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Hands on with the Apple watch

A 2:55 am alarm rang early Friday morning prompting me to hit the “BUY NOW” button for an Apple watch. I quickly chose the 38mm Silver Aluminum Case with white sport band before any crazy ideas of breaking the bank set in. Saturday I stopped in the store to see if forcing myself to choose…

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Paper Engineering in High School

In October I had the opportunity to visit the classroom of Sarah Prendergast – a teacher I met at ITP Make Education camp this summer to help her students make some awesome light-up pop-up books as a part of her math class! Sarah’s done a great job incorporating STEAM skills into her classroom and recently gave…

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Festive Paper Circuits at the SEP Holiday Hack-a-thon

I recently taught a paper circuits lesson as a part of the NYDOE’s Software Engineering Pilot called “Build Cheer! SEP Holiday Hack-a-thon!” First, students tried making circuits on plain paper using copper tape, LED’s and Batteries. Then, they were challenged to make something festive! I showed example holiday cards- and the kids made some amazing…

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Social Wearables Workshop

At this year’s Engadget Expand I helped out with Kate Hartman’s Social Wearables Workshop — assisting participants in making cool wearable electronics. Participants made wearables that foster teamwork – only when two or more people’s projects are touching can the circuit be complete!

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Engadget Expand 2014

I flew some drones, played makey makey, finally got my hands on (or in) a Ringly, and caught the Make: Wearables on the Runway fashion show all at this year’s Engadget Expand event. View more pics here.

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Future Home of Circuit Sentiments

UPDATE: Circuit Sentiments were funded! Click on “Circuit Sentiments” in the menu to see more. YAY!   I just launched my Circuit Sentiments campaign on Kickstarter! Circuit Sentiments are: A light-up pop-up greeting card kit with pre-cut paper shapes and included electronic components. Learn simple circuitry and paper engineering, then gift your creation to someone you…

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STEMinism: Inspiring Women Scientists

Took a trip up to the Steminism conference at the CUNY graduate center. :) In a talk similar to this article, Professor Meg Urry spoke about why women aren’t thought of to lead in the STEM fields and offered some advice to start evening out the bias. Then some fellow ITP gals and I presented our own…

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Smart Art with LittleBits

SMART ART – Art that’s more beautiful when you do good. I try to go the gym at least once every 3 days. If I’ve been to the gym recently, my art has a big beautiful rainbow in the sky! But if I haven’t been there in 3 days… a storm moves over the beach! With Smart…

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Fun @ Maker Faire NYC

This weekend I was had a blast at Maker Faire with CreatorBox – one of my freelance clients. They make toys for kids to build themselves — sparking experimentation and learning. It’s one thing to make something knowing it will someday get sent to a customer who will hopefully enjoy it. It’s a totally different…

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ITP Make Education Camp 2014

I had the great honor to be a camp counselor at the first ever ITP Make Education Camp! I taught 2 workshops: “How the vinyl cutter will blow your mind” with the Silhouette cameo, (because – well, it will!) and “Paper Circuits & Paper Engineering,” where we made light-up pop-up cards! The camp is a weeklong…

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CE Week NYC 2014

After geeking out with the latest fitness tracker and home automation products, I caught the Living in Digital Times Fashion Ware fashion show. My fav was this illuminated pink dress – an elegant way to enhance fashion with light- finally something that isn’t tacky! View all my finds from the event here.

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DropCam – Easy Setup

I borrowed an extra DropCam to add to my existing account. I was interested to see the setup experience in a system that includes multiple connected nodes, but does not require a hub to control them. Not only is DropCam by far the most error-free setup process of all of the connected devices I have reviewed,…

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Living with a Quirky Nimbus

It was surprising to me how much I like the Nimbus, once I had it set up to things I care about. Knowing how many emails I have is helpful— I can plan on reserving extra time when needed, and the Weather is nice to wake up to as well. I purchased a Fitbit because Nike…

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Quirky Nimbus: Unboxing

With an interaction challenge so similar to my thesis, I had to pick up a Quirky Nimbus to see what it’s like. The box arrived quickly and was nicely printed, clearly boasting the ‘inventor-ness’ of the product. The packaging was adorable and made from high quality materials- clearly professional and inviting. The little owl graphic…

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